Luis Suarez Player Profile

Luis Suarez
  • Luis Suarez
  • Striker
  • Atletico Madrid
  • La Liga
  • 10.5M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 64
Overall Ranking 5
Ranking By Position 2
Performance/Price (P/P) 6.0

Player Summary

Luis Suárez, perhaps Uruguay's best player in recent years, has established himself as one of the most feared strikers in world football. Remember to keep an eye on Suarez's stats at On his day, Luis is one of the most dangerous and controversial attackers in football. He scored a remarkable tally of 31 goals in just 33 league appearances in the 2013-14 season. During World Cup 2014, he scored two well taken goals against England, but was involved in another controversy when he bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez was banned and missed Uruguay's Round of 16 match. Since joining La Liga giants Barcelona, Suarez has been catching the headlines for all the good reasons with his scoring exploits helping the Catalan giants win a host of titles, including the Champions League for the 2014-15 season. Suarez has been going through a tough spell since the beginning of the 2017-18 season. Is he on your European Fantasy Football team at or perhaps on your La Liga Fantasy Team at & remember you can manage your Team using our App here:

Atletico Madrid

Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
27/09/2020Atletico Madrid vs Granada6 - 12510
30/09/2020Huesca vs Atletico Madrid0 - 0610
03/10/2020Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal0 - 0700
17/10/2020Celta Vigo vs Atletico Madrid0 - 2654
24/10/2020Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis2 - 0953
07/11/2020Atletico Madrid vs Cádiz4 - 0714
05/12/2020Atletico Madrid vs Real Valladolid2 - 063-1
12/12/2020Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid2 - 0730
19/12/2020Atletico Madrid vs Elche3 - 1748
22/12/2020Real Sociedad vs Atletico Madrid0 - 2870
30/12/2020Atletico Madrid vs Getafe1 - 0804
03/01/2021Alaves vs Atletico Madrid1 - 2965
12/01/2021Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla2 - 0820
21/01/2021Eibar vs Atletico Madrid1 - 2928
24/01/2021Atletico Madrid vs Valencia3 - 1944
31/01/2021Cádiz vs Atletico Madrid2 - 4848
08/02/2021Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo2 - 2948
13/02/2021Granada vs Atletico Madrid1 - 293-1
17/02/2021Levante vs Atletico Madrid1 - 1940
20/02/2021Atletico Madrid vs Levante0 - 2960
28/02/2021Villarreal vs Atletico Madrid---
07/03/2021Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid---
10/03/2021Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao---
13/03/2021Getafe vs Atletico Madrid---
21/03/2021Atletico Madrid vs Alaves---
04/04/2021Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid---
11/04/2021Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid---
21/04/2021Atletico Madrid vs Huesca---
25/04/2021Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid---
28/04/2021Atletico Madrid vs Eibar---
02/05/2021Elche vs Atletico Madrid---
09/05/2021Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid---
12/05/2021Atletico Madrid vs Real Sociedad---
16/05/2021Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna---
23/05/2021Real Valladolid vs Atletico Madrid---

Player's Stats for Season 2019-20

EFL Stats
2019-20 Value 15.0m
Total points 74
Player Ranking by Position 4
Player Overall Ranking 13
Match Stats
Matches Started 22 Clean Sheets 11
Matches Subbed In 5 Goals Conceded 26
Goals 16 Yellow cards 4
Assists 7 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2018-19

EFL Stats
2018-19 Value 15.0m
Total points 93
Player Ranking by Position 3
Player Overall Ranking 4
Match Stats
Matches Started 31 Clean Sheets 14
Matches Subbed In 2 Goals Conceded 32
Goals 21 Yellow cards 5
Assists 6 Red cards 0