Thibaut Courtois Player Profile

Thibaut Courtois
  • Thibaut Courtois
  • Goalkeeper
  • Real Madrid
  • La Liga
  • 13M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 76
Overall Ranking 2
Ranking By Position 1
Performance/Price (P/P) 5.7

Player Summary

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois played in 37 league matches during the 2011-12 season. He was sent-off once. He was one of the club's star players in the 2012-13 season. He had a remarkable 2013-14 season during which he helped Atletico win La Liga title and reach the Champions League Final which the club eventually lost to city rivals Real Madrid. Courtois has been receiving rave reviews due to his stunning saves and remarkable performances. The Beglian goalkeeper has made it clear he would not return to Chelsea to serve as a backup to Petr Cech for the 2014-15 season. Belgium will rely heavily on him during the World Cup. Along with Chelsea's Eden Hazard and Manchester City's Vincent Kompany, Courtois can be considered as perhaps Belgium's most influential player.

Real Madrid

Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
17/08/2019Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid1 - 3950
24/08/2019Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid1 - 1960
01/09/2019Villarreal vs Real Madrid2 - 294-2
14/09/2019Real Madrid vs Levante3 - 295-2
22/09/2019Sevilla vs Real Madrid0 - 1957
28/09/2019Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid0 - 0947
19/10/2019Real Mallorca vs Real Madrid1 - 0960
30/10/2019Real Madrid vs Leganes5 - 0937
02/11/2019Real Madrid vs Real Betis0 - 0977
09/11/2019Eibar vs Real Madrid0 - 4937
23/11/2019Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad3 - 1940
07/12/2019Real Madrid vs Espanyol2 - 0937
15/12/2019Valencia vs Real Madrid1 - 1960
18/12/2019Barcelona vs Real Madrid0 - 0957
22/12/2019Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao0 - 0977
04/01/2020Getafe vs Real Madrid0 - 3977
18/01/2020Real Madrid vs Sevilla2 - 1940
26/01/2020Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid0 - 1947
01/02/2020Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid1 - 0937
09/02/2020Osasuna vs Real Madrid1 - 4940
16/02/2020Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo2 - 296-2
22/02/2020Levante vs Real Madrid1 - 0950
01/03/2020Real Madrid vs Barcelona2 - 0937
08/03/2020Real Betis vs Real Madrid2 - 196-2
15/03/2020Real Madrid vs Eibar---
22/03/2020Real Madrid vs Valencia---
05/04/2020Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid---
12/04/2020Real Madrid vs Real Mallorca---
22/04/2020Espanyol vs Real Madrid---
26/04/2020Real Madrid vs Getafe---
03/05/2020Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid---
10/05/2020Real Madrid vs Alaves---
13/05/2020Granada vs Real Madrid---
17/05/2020Real Madrid vs Villarreal---
24/05/2020Leganes vs Real Madrid---

Player's Stats for Season 2018-19

EFL Stats
2018-19 Value 13.0m
Total points 20
Player Ranking by Position 11
Player Overall Ranking 161
Match Stats
Matches Started 27 Clean Sheets 8
Matches Subbed In 0 Goals Conceded 36
Goals 0 Yellow cards 2
Assists 0 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2017-18

EFL Stats
2017-18 Value 13.0m
Total points 0
Player Ranking by Position 29
Player Overall Ranking 440
Match Stats
Matches Started 12 Clean Sheets 6
Matches Subbed In 0 Goals Conceded 10
Goals 0 Yellow cards 0
Assists 0 Red cards 0
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